Jenna Wills


Licensed Clinical Social Worker



My passion is helping others achieve their goals, help clients see their true potential and acknowledge their self worth through hope, faith and love. I provide a confidential, safe, supportive, non-judgmental  environment. I will work alongside you using person-centered care, CBT techniques, and utilize your strengths using the strengths perspective model as well as identify supports within your immediate environment or community. I will give you an ear to listen and a shoulder to lean on.


My experience includes working with individuals with anxiety, depression, frustration and loss. Furthermore, I have worked with children and their parents/caregivers from 0-3 years old with challenging developmental delays. In addition, I have much experience working with the geriatric population in coping with life changes and loss, along with their families in dealing with grief, and end of life care. 


No trial or tribulation is too small or too big. Together we will get through whatever you are going through.