About US


The Wellness Center was founded for a real Passion for Mental Health and family therapists, the Wellness Center focuses on relational issues and increased fulfillment for family, business, and personal life. Men and women, couples, families, adolescents and children come to us to source their strengths and improve their relationships. Specialty areas for our practice include: marriage and family therapy, play therapy, recovery, grief, healing from betrayal, trauma, EMDR, and discernment counseling for couples.


Wellness Center was founded in 2018. The Wellness Center is a cohesive team of marriage and family therapists, social workers with a Psychiatric presciber for child, adolescents and adults.  We provide a safe place for healing for a diverse population. 


Our core purpose is to help people think and act more relationally. Do you consider yourself to be relational? Have you developed emotional intelligence? Do you have the skill set to develop and maintain meaningful, fulfilling relationships?












Our vision is that The Wellness Group will be an instrument that God uses to bring His love, forgiveness, peace, joy, and deep healing in a practical and life-changing way The mission of the Wellness Center is to promote healthy relational systems and increased fulfillment in family, business, and personal life. We advocate for increased love, connection, and attunement through mutually beneficial relationships, personal growth and healing.


  • Our core values are respect, ownership, trust, boundaries, and vision

  • Full respect living (for self and others)

  • Take ownership and be accountable

  • Trust in the healing process

  • Hold healthy boundaries, while honoring others

  • Envision yourself already where you want to be