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Medication Management


Sometimes, after an evaluation, we will recommend the use of medication as part of your treatment plan. Our clinicians have extensive experience and expertise in using medications appropriately and minimally. Our philosophy is that medications should be used only when there is evidence in its favor, and usually in  combination with other approaches, such as psychotherapy and psych nutrition.

Safe, Effective Use of Medication


Choosing an appropriate drug therapy is the first place to start when it comes to managing your medication needs. Our clinicians have the training and experience needed to determine what may work best for you, depending on their medical history, existing conditions, and overall health, as well as other factors, including your preference.


The Wellness Group philosophy of care is centered on our belief in holistic care, which takes all of you – body, mind, spirit, community, relationships, etc. – into account when determining a treatment regimen. Because we aim to restore your health as naturally and efficiently as possible, we choose medications carefully. We look for those that will relieve your symptoms with the least amount of undesirable side effects or disruptions to other areas of your life. We do not over-medicate – and we stress the importance of drug compliance.